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Book Award Years

To manage the transition through the pandemic, allow for longer time for the development of the book award book, and strengthen FotoEvidence Association programs, the board has chosen to make the FotoEvidence Book Award biennial.




The 2023 FotoEvidence Book Award Is dedicated to the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and war crimes committed on Ukrainian soil.


The book will include multiple, local, and international photographers and will serve as a tool for activism, an historical record for future generations as evidence of the violence of war and the crimes committed in Ukraine. It will include descriptions of the work from the photographers.


FotoEvidence plans to donate most of the books to schools and libraries in Ukraine and to organize several exhibits based on the book in Ukraine,  Europe and the United States.

 The book will be built around stories with up to 10 images and single images documenting the war in Ukraine.

 The multi-lingual book, in Ukrainian, Russian and English, will be published in July 2023 and launched in September the same year.


WHAT IS A WAR CRIME?   A war crime is a violation of the laws of war that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility for actions by the combatants, such as intentionally killing civilians or intentionally killing prisoners of wartorture, taking hostages, unnecessarily destroying civilian property, deception by perfidywartime sexual violencepillaging, the conscription of children in the military, committing genocide or ethnic cleansing, the granting of no quarter despite surrender, and flouting the lega distinctions of proportionality and military necessity.





From L to R: Svetlana Bachevanova, Peter Bouckaert, Maxim Dondyuk, Fernanda Fajardo, Bjorn Geldhof, Sarah Leen, Anastasia Taylor- Lind and Dmytro Yarynych. Read their bios here.




The  FotoEvidence Book Award recognizes documentary photographers whose project demonstrates courage and commitment in addressing a violation of human rights, a significant injustice or an assault on human dignity. The selected project will be published as part of a series of FotoEvidence books dedicated to long-form projects of documentary photographers working in the humanistic tradition. 


The 2023 FotoEvidence Book Award is open to professional and amateur photographers who have documenting the war in Ukraine by invitation or trough the application process below.

Multiple photographers will be selected for the book by an editorial board and each one of them will be designated as a 2023 FotoEvidence Book Award winner.

Submission period: August 1st- December 1st 2022

No submissions will be accepted after midnight (CET) on December 1st, 2022.

The participants whose work is selected for inclusion in the book will be contacted in January 2023.


To enter the Book Award register here.

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will be asked to provide the following:

·       Up to 15 images, either in a story (max 10) or as singles.  Each file must contain full metadata with special attention to the description of the image.  Photographs without captions in the file info and complete metadata will be rejected. Captions must be in English. Please indicate if caption translations are  machine generated.

·       Each image should be 72 dpi and 1024 pixels on the longest side. (The system will reject bigger files).

·       RGB mode

·       JPEG format

·       Maximum quality

·       Filename: LastnameFirstname_title e.g. SmithJohn_Bucha

·       A personal text describing your experience related to the day and place of your photographs, which can also include more general observations about your work in Ukraine. Please indicate whether you were on assignment, working in collaboration with an NGO or media organization, or working freelance.

·       A CV or resume that includes your telephone number and email address.

The FotoEvidence Book Award is governed by FotoEvidence's Association terms and conditions.  Please review the terms and conditions before submitting.  During the submission process you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions

Please also review the National Press Photographers Association  code of ethics and ensure your work is consistent with their provisions before submitting your application.

If you experience difficulties submitting your work, please contact technical support at nabeel@fotoevidence.com

By submitting your images for the FotoEvidence Book Award  you agree to the terms and conditions. Please check the box that indicates you have read and understand the terms and conditions.


Submission period: AUGUST 1st- DECEMBER 1st 2022

Submissions for the 2023 FotoEvidence Book Award  must be received by midnight (CET) on December 1st,  2022.


Copyright and ownership of photographs remain with the photographer/photographers at all times. All entrants agree to grant FotoEvidence  permission to use submitted work for promotional purposes in any electronic media, printed materials, or advertising. All published images will be credited with the photographer’s name. Entrants also agree to allow their images to be reproduced in third-party newspapers and magazines (printed and electronic) solely for the purpose of promoting the work, the photographer, FotoEvidence Association and the Book Award.

The Book Award prize winner agrees to the publication of their photographs as a FotoEvidence book under the terms of the FotoEvidence book contract.

FotoEvidence Association will collaborate with the photographers on editorial decisions in the development and publication of the book. Photographers will receive 25 complimentary copies of the book.

FotoEvidence Association reserves the right to reject entries that are not submitted properly. Submissions should come directly from artists or organizations. No exceptions will be made for late submissions.