The Unravelling

by Marcus Bleasdale

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The Unravelling: Central African Republic by Marcus Bleasdale is a fruit of the 2015 FotoEvidence Book Award.
Selected as one of the Best photo books of 2015 by Smithsonian magazine and Mother Jones.

Photographs Marcus Bleasdale
Introduction  Nicholas Kristof
Introduction  Peter Bouckaert

Photo Editor: Régina Monfort
Text Editor: David Stuart
Design: Mark Weinberg
Cover Design: Tina Koss

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Published as the recipient of the 2015 FotoEvidence Book Award, The Unravelling: Central African Republic by Marcus Bleasdale documents the recent breakdown of order and outbreak of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR).  Working with Human Rights Watch (HRW) award-winning photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale traveled to remote areas of CAR where once friendly neighbors were in open conflict fuelled by competing political forces.

Human Rights Watch Director of Emergencies, Peter Bouckaert, who traveled with Bleasdale contributes three essays to The Unravelling exploring the roots of the conflict and describing what he and Bleasdale encountered on their journey deep into CAR.

Nicholas Kristof, of the New York Times, contributes a foreword reflecting on the failure of the media to bring the story of CAR to light and on the world’s continuing inability to address recurring cases of mass violence.

The powerful and provocative photography in The Unravelling contributes to a rich tradition of humanitarian photojournalism, having receiving the Robert Capa Gold Medal in addition to the FotoEvidence Book Award.

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