The Longing of the Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken

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Publishers Copyright © 2022 FotoEvidence/ Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus

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Photographs copyright © 2022 Rehab Eldalil

Personal Essay copyright © 2022 Rehab Eldalil

Photo Editor: Tanya Habjouqa

Foreword: Eric Gottesman

Community Statement: Moussa AlGebaly

Text Editor: David Stuart

Design: Bayan Dahdah

Cover Design: Fernanda Fajardo and João Linneu

Image Postproduction: Studio Fahrenheit

Translation: Khaled Ahmed

Handwritten Poetry: Seliman Abd AlRahman

Poetry Translation: Hamdi Baala


The Longing of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken is a fruit of the 2022 FotoEvidence W Award.

Longing for those we sit waiting for

The longing of the stranger whose path

has been broken

Poem by Mahmoud Abu Hussein

This book has been almost 10 years in the making. The project started out as my process to reconnect to my Bedouin ancestry then turned into an opportunity to connect, learn from and work with the community. Along the way my visual voice has unearthed. The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken is a dance, a conversation with the Sinai Bedouin community as we explore what it means to belong, what is this indescribable connection to the land that we all long for and the indigenous experience that is filled with both sorrow and celebration. This book is an alternative Bedouin archive woven by the community themselves, it is an experience that invites readers to look inwards as much as outwards to question the notion of belonging." Rehab Eldalil

The book is 182 pages and contains 44 color images, 9 images with embroidery  by community members and Native plants from the Sinai region foraged and described by tribe elders as plants that hold medicinal and traditional benefits for the community.


 The production of the book is supported by the Arab Fund for Art and Culture and it is co-published with Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus