EXPOSE is a one day educational event, organized with a one of the winners of the FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. Participants will meet with the photographer who won the Book Award and will be able to retrace the organization and execution of their award-winning work. 
The workshop will take place in some of the cities where the FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo as part of the 2018 World Press Photo Exhibition will travel. 

The workshop is open to all photographers interested in developing a long-term projects with a book in mind in the pursuit of social justice.

Students will learn the following:

* How to prepare for long term project work, including research, contact with local organizations, learning about the local culture and how to enter difficult to access locations.
* How to execute long-term project work that is designed to raise social awareness
* How to work on a story with a book in mind
* How to produce a book as photo evidence, including editing, design and choice of writers, as well as other elements if the book is to serve as a proof for NGOs and social movements.
* How to use the published book as a tool for social change, including contacting governments, foreign missions, human rights organizations, school libraries and more.

Option of one to one portfolio review with a member of the FotoEvidence team.

A book signing will conclude the event.

Participants are required to be fluent in English.

To inquire about the EXPOSE workshop contact Andrea Kennedy at info@fotoevidence.com