HABIBI by Antonio Faccilongo wins the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo


HABIBI is the receipient of the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. The Book Award is given each year to a photographer whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in the pursuit of human rights. The project was selected  by international jury and published as a book by FotoEvidence.




by Antonio Faccilongo

recipent of  the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo

" In 2008 I went to Palestine for the first time. As my plane landed at Tel Aviv airport, the bombing of the war began, later to be called "Operation Cast Lead,” the  first after the second Intifada. A bloody 22-day lightening war in which more than 1,300 people died. The violence I witnessed in those days deeply affected me. From that moment on, I felt the need to tell the realities hidden behind the conflict that best make us understand the meaning of living in that place, and at the same time restore dignity to the people who live there." 
Photo: Antonio Faccilongo

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Interview with Hannah Kozak  by Svetlana Bachevanova
Does He Threw The Last Punch Too Hard  provide any advice to those who still fear leaving abusive relationships?
The message is that we think we can handle anything, in the name of love. Love isn’t abuse. Love isn’t ownership. Love isn’t control. Love isn’t the silent treatment.  I’ve had women who are actively being abused write to me saying “I love him so much, I can’t leave him.” That means they aren’t ready to leave yet. The message in the book is it may be too late one day so leave now. There will never be a better time than now.  I’ve learned I don’t have to be perfect to inspire others. My imperfections show that I’m human. I’m not embarrassed anymore about what happened in our family and instead, have become an advocate about domestic violence. We are here to reach out and touch others, not hide family secrets. It serves no one to lie about the elephant in the living room.

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He Threw The Last Punch Too Hard by Los Angeles based photographer Hannah Kozak tells the story of her mother Rachel Zarco, a beautiful, passionate, vivacious, and fiery Guatemalan Sophia Loren- type brunette who left Hannah and the family after she fell in love with another man. The man turned out to be violent. He beat her so badly that she suffered permanent brain damage and had to be moved into an assisted living facility at the age of forty one, where she still lives today. Since 2009, Hannah has followed her difficult journey and this book is their story. A story that could inspire other women to leave an abusive relationship, before it’s too late. 

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the gallery
Josue Rivas

Last prayer at camp. Oceti Sakowin Camp, Cannon Ball, ND, USA. December 2016

    Black and White photograph
    Printed on archival paper
    Print size: 8x10 and 16x20 inches
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FotoEvidence at
World Press Photo

Photojournalist Patrick Brown and human rights activist Mathew Smith, with photographers Mikael Owunna and Mario Cruz at the FotoEvidence presentation at World Press Photo in Amsterdam, April 13, 2019.

The book  “No Place On Earth"
by 2019 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo winner Patrick Brown about the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar was released at the festival. 

The discussion focused on the ethics of photographing during a humanitarian crisis and the way in which photographers can challenge oppression and champion human rights.